Forgotten Page


Hmm… how do I do this whole blogging thing again? By the looks of it I wasn’t very good at it to begin with, but even with not posting anything in over a year (holy cow time sure does fly by) my site has still gotten a hit at least once a day. I am taking that as a good sign to try again!

I have SOOO many ideas and thoughts rolling around in my head that I would love to share with everyone!

A lot has happened since my last post,

  1. I started homeschooling!
  2. We have changed our diet and continue to do so.
  3. We got chickens, which, technically we might have had them that last time I posted but I have never talked about them on here.

With the way my life is now I am having an issue with the blog. Basically, I want to write about several different topics… but the “thing” to do is to find your niche, your target group. Do I want to be a Christian Blogger, Food Blogger, DIY Blogger, Homeschooling Blogger or a Mom Blogger? What if I want to do it all? It would certainty keep the blog hopping and full of ideas! I want my niche to be YOU, the one who can find inspiration in at least one of my posts.

Who’s with me? Anyone? No one? Well, I have to start somewhere, here goes another attempt at blogging. Please join me in my journey through this sweet chaos we call life.