Weekly Menu

This weeks menu! Beef Dish – Spaghetti with Homemade Sauce (leftover option) Pizza – Homemade Pizza Sandwich – Turkey and Cheese (make like grilled cheese and add turkey, easy peasy) Veggie – Roasted Veggie Lasagna (leftover option) Cheap – Hot Dogs and Chips Eat out – Mother-in-Law’s house (Shrimp Tacos) Eat out – Mother-in-Law’s house (Sausage … More Weekly Menu

Weekly Menu

Sorry for posting this a day late and sorry again that this is a sad, sad menu for the week. We ended up having leftovers twice this week, so I didn’t make our “Beef Dish”. I will move what I had originally planned, Spaghetti with Homemade sauce, to next weeks menu. I am going to start posting which meals I … More Weekly Menu

When We Feel Like Failures

Failure, according to my Webster’s Dictionary, is “to prove so deficient as to be totally ineffective”, “to be unsuccessful”, “to disappoint or prove undependable”, and/or “to omit or neglect”. AGH! It is no wonder that one little word can feel so heavy on the shoulders of us who call ourselves mom, wife, friend, sister, and … More When We Feel Like Failures

Menu Planning

One of the top money-saving techniques out there is MENU PLANNING!! You know you love it!! Ok, well, I LOVE it!! Which, is good news for you because I can do all the work and you can sit back and press the print button. 🙂 I have menu planned for as long as I can … More Menu Planning

Forgotten Page

Hmm… how do I do this whole blogging thing again? By the looks of it I wasn’t very good at it to begin with, but even with not posting anything in over a year (holy cow time sure does fly by) my site has still gotten a hit at least once a day. I am … More Forgotten Page