Becoming a Stay At Home Mom


I never thought this day would come, as of Friday February 7th, 2014 around 6:15 pm I will officially be a Stay At Home Mom aka SAHM!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

The need for a second paycheck took me to work full time when Little Man was only 6 months old and the need for that second paycheck has kept me working for the past 6 years. When Baby E was born I was able to take 11 weeks off for maternity leave, going back to work after that was one of the toughest things I have done. When I was home I felt so much a part of their lives, they needed me home just as much as I needed to be with them. I knew from that point on I would have to find a way to stay home and focus my energy on my family.

My husband found the way, he went back to school. What? I know what you are thinking, going to school cost money so how would that enable me to stay home (lose money). My husband served 6 years in the Air Force, because of this he qualifies for the Post 911 GI Bill. Not only does the Bill pay for his schooling it also pays a housing allowance. The housing allowance will supplement my paycheck, at least a portion of it anyways. Good news is when I stay home that will eliminate day care cost, after school care cost, and our gas budget will be less. So, in the end we should come out pretty even to where we were with two paychecks.

I am so ready to be able to focus my time and energy on my family, and find our new normal. My goal in the beginning is to not live in a dream world, just because I am quitting my full time job in corporate America does not mean I am getting away from working. My full time job will now be 100% focused on my family and their needs, whereas before they were not getting my 100%.

So let this journey begin, a journey through this sweet chaos we call life!




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