$1 Organization Tip



If your house is like mine then somehow it always manages to get overran by kids’ toys. I have a simple solution… canvas baskets!! I know I am a genius. It is such a revolutionary idea. I cannot believe that someone has not come up with this idea before. Ok, so it isn’t really a “new” idea. But I just had to share because I got these baskets for a $1.00 a piece at the Dollar Tree (I love this store).

I know that organizing your house can get costly and a little overwhelming. If you do not know where to begin then start out small; there is no need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars right away. If your problem is like mine and the kids’ toys are taking over your living room then get one basket for each kid, place the baskets in an unused area. In my case I had an empty spot under the built in bookshelf.  As you are tiding up the living room, or wherever your problem area is, you can chuck the toys in the basket for the kids to put away later. I try to have Little Man take his basket to his room once a week to put his toys away in their proper spots.

If you have been putting off organizing areas of your house due to money then this is the answer for you! The Dollar Tree has a lot of good products to help you get started and the best thing is everything is only $1.00!!